Stressy day

Sep. 18th, 2017 10:48 pm
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1: Spouse -- with his mom -- has been waiting for their turn at the ultrasound machine, in the ER, since... 3:30pm or so? Well, with a stint at Urgent Care, but UC sent them up to the ER for an ultrasound to rule out a blood clot. It is now 10:50pm. He is still not home. Nor have I heard from him since before I and kid went to seek food.

2: The garage is not usable as an ingress to the house just now, as there is scaffolding there, because we had water damage and our contractor needs to see how bad it is. We also have carpenter ants in one corner. The composite board is at least not disintegrating, but I am now of the opinion that composite board should NEVER be on ANY load-bearing floor. Or wall.

Also, roofs should have a rubber membrane that goes up over a foot at any house-join, so that when ICE DAMS happen, they do not overflow the plastic at the joins, come in the back, and RUIN EVERYTHING.


Further, the ENTIRE CEILING of the garage is not up to fire-code. It's only 1 layer of... whatever that stuff is called. Not drywall? The other thing. I can't remember. But it should be 2 layers, not 1. But noooooo, the people who put it together didn't put in both layers. FURTHER, they doubled-up on the plastic sheeting that's supposed to be on only one side of insulated walls (to keep moisture from being trapped in the middle layer and turning the insulation into Mold Surface Central), and didn't secure the wood slats of the ceiling grid (that holds up the insulation) to all the two-by-fours correctly. Especially at the edges. AND they didn't use long enough screws in the ceiling such that he was being surprised that we hadn't had a chunk of ceiling start coming down.

Having a friend who is a total stickler for code come and SUPERVISE house-building seems like a worthwhile investment at this moment.

3: If you are a lunch restaurant and are closed to customers 10 minutes before your closing time, I am going to tell Apple Maps that your closing time listing is wrong, unless you have a note on the door that the kitchen had to close up early or something. YES, I think people should get to go home promptly! However, I also think that presenting "closing time" to staff as "time we should go home by" is going to make for cranky customers. (We're not the only ones who were hoping to get in under the wire.) Staff should be paid for hanging around till the No More Customers Allowed In closing time! I believe Management is not setting correct Staff expectations. (Or, possibly, not paying them enough for those expectations.)

I am more sympathetic to an evening restaurant closing a little early if they have no customers in the building. I mean, they don't expect last-minute people and it's dark.

It is frustrating to hit BOTH of those in one day, though. -_-

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E____ says, “...The Widowmaker/Sombra ship is Spiderbyte and I will hear nothing to the contrary.

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Liralen, I have the email! I need to send you data! I have not had brains for a few days.

I read The Brightest Fell by McGuire today. Fae families can be really, really screwed up. *pats some of them very carefully* (There's a Babylon Candle in it, though, and apparently that theme is MY CATNIP because I like many bits of the book and I like those bits ALL OUT OF PROPORTION.)

Havva Quote
“That’s thirty for me!” Rek’Vada roared over the sound of tearing metal.
“We’re not keeping score!” Carter shouted back, firing his phaser at the towering, spider-like creature in front of him.
“You’re only saying that,” [t]he Klingon warrior tore another Tholian in half, “because I’m winning!”
“Thirty-two!” Carter yelled back.

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I need to get to bed.

Sep. 17th, 2017 02:17 am
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It's already 2 am. My day was not very exciting.

Conuly found this cool game.

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---------------------Quoted by w•••••••---------------------
Dammit, when it's an abstract concept, you use "less". Less time, less money, less trouble. When it's something you can count, like Nazis, the word is _Fuhrer_.

Er, that is, "fewer". I meant to say "_fewer_ Nazis".

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4am bedtime again, oh well

Sep. 16th, 2017 01:35 am
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We'll see what I manage tonight.

Healthcare thing is driving my kid into issues (the very upsetting kind that means interactions with anything but Special Interest Topics is shattering, which is, clearly, not helpful), so please call your Senators and express a wish for something that is not going to make it harder for my family to get healthcare. (I am quite into fixing the crappy parts of the current situation, but block grants is not the way to go...)

(I do rather like my bandaid of a Federal, 100% tax deductible "MedicalGoFundMe/Patreon" thing where people could help each other more easily, but it's a bandaid. ...on the other hand, it's a bandaid that could be applied to politicians. Want healthcare, O Politician? Better make sure that your constituents like you. They're the ones paying. Directly. FOIA applies to donor identities, of course. *evil grin*)

(I know, I know, it's probably not actually workable. But ah, a gal can dream.)

I have acquired the latest Seanan McGuire book -- she broke into Hardcover with the Tobeyverse! That's a cool one to see. I hope that it enables her to have fewer worries about caring for her cats and mom and family. (Now I just need to have enough brain to READ it. *sigh*)

We, meanwhile, have discovered there are weird stains on the garage ceiling, probably from when the ice dams came up over the waterproofing under the siding where garage meets house, and now we have a bunch of stuff in the garage so C____ can climb up and tear a hole there to see how bad the internal damage is. What's rotten in the state of attic? *siiiiiigh* He did not set up the scaffolding because it will be blocking the stairs into the house, and he wouldn't be able to get much done before vanishing for the weekend. And it's raining today. So. Monday.

Oh! -- any prices I should be addressing? O:>

Havva Quote
C_______ says, “Arright. Let's see if I can get through the first ep of Black Sails before game.”
C_______ says, “... For some reason I did not expect this show to be this bright and colourful.”
C_______ says, “Not sure why.”
f___ [to C_______]: Oh yes. It /remembers/ that it's in a tropical zone with very bright sunlight.
f___ [to C_______]: So you get all the grubby pirates and the grubby buildings they hang out in, but also the GREEN and BLUE and YELLOW and glossy sea and, well, so forth. It's one of the things that keeps it from being all Shades Of Brown.
f___ [to C_______]: (...though it did mean I mistook 'We shoot all these flashbacks through a different filter' scenes for 'We shoot all these scenes through a different filter because the quality of light is different in London', aheh.)
C_______ [to f___]: It's so *pretty*!
f___ [to C_______]: Yes! ...and you can actually tell the various grubby white dude pirates apart with their distinct hairstyles and ways of speaking!
C_______ [to f___]: I'm mostly telling by facial hair and/or scarring, so far!
f___ [to C_______]: Oh, yeah, the scars help too.
F~~~~~~~ [to C_______ and f___]: what's this you're talking aboout, arr?
C_______ [to F~~~~~~~]:
f___ [to F~~~~~~~]: Black Sails! It is a good show.
--Spread the word!

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Sep. 15th, 2017 12:01 am
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I went down and walked, and made my watch happy. Then I had only 1K more steps to make my fitbit happy, so I did that. And I finished a STO fanfic. I need to do a cover for it, though.

I got to bed around... 3:30? Ish? Yay? Didn't sleep as well as I'd have liked, though. Woke up after a bit and took my thyroid pill -- must check and see if they got the prescription filled, tomorrow -- and then had a while getting back to sleep. Blah.

Need to get paying fic done next. But at least I don't have that mood-piece griping at me.

Havva Quote
f___ says, “You know those 'look, a student at Hogwarts does everything through /cool mechanical stuff/ instead of /magic/!!!' things that float across Tumblr periodically?”
C_______ does.
f___ says, “Lost In Oz is pretty much Dorothy doing that, except without the subterfuge or other people being baffled by it.”
f___ says, “She's just completely non-magical /and/ great with mechanical stuff.”
C_______... ooh.
f___ says, “(Also, magical items appear to be usable by anyone; it's the 'cast spells' stuff that seems to be dependent on being magical oneself. She's... like a Soldier rather than a celestial, kinda?)”
f___ says, “I worry that the aspect of the monkeys being mind-controlled is not dealt with in sufficient ethical nuance! Well, yet.”

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Well, solved the doorbell problem...

Sep. 13th, 2017 11:04 pm
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Disconnected the wires.

As I said in comments: Well. It happened. And then again. And then I creeeeeeept up on the front door, and peered out the window, and... nothing. But I heard the gnawing sound in the wall, faintly. THEN AGAIN RIGHT NEAR MY EAR! I yanked open the door! NOTHING THERE!

We disconnected the wires from the chime 'cause a flying squirrel was chewing up the wires. *sigh*
When rodent go MUNCH, doorbell go BR-RING BR-RING BR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ghk.

At least we have a nice door-knocker instead. And now a postit note saying that a mouse ate the wires, because while I am almost certain it's one of the dadgum flying squirrels, "mouse" was easier to fit on the post-it note.

Bed at 4:40 or so. Slight improvement. I should try to get me and kid to bed sooner tonight because I have to drive tomorrow and... guh.

Havva Quote
f___ says, “...West's mother just showed a picture of three women, and explains the woman in the middle is Glinda; "she always insisted on being in the middle in pictures, because she wanted to remind us that she brought the two of us together." Gosh, I really hope that is as gay as it sounds.”
f___ says, “Aw, drat, the second 'your mom' was to Dorothy, regarding her mother as the third in the picture, so. Probably West does not have two moms. BUT I CAN HOPE.”
--on Lost In Oz

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And bed at 5 again

Sep. 12th, 2017 10:48 pm
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I am not actually happy with this.

Oh, when I went out and looked at the doorbell again, later that night:

But I think he was way too small to ring the doorbell. (He coulda sat on my thumbnail and most of the thumbnail left over!)

Looked at the bushes where someone would've had to get 'round... I'm really thinking that -- while I would still like a deer-cam to be sure -- it was more likely to be something in the walls biting the wrong wire. Getting into the bushes and out again without killing oneself, in the dark, sprinting around back of the house to avoid the camera, getting into a car or on a bike... all before I got to the bathroom window? Uhhhhh, doubting it.

Deer-cams sound like they'd be pretty neat anyway, though...

Havva Quote
[Regarding the Amazon series "Lost in Oz"]
f___ says, “She has met a cop made of bricks, a flustered clerk, and now an amazingly hot goth girl who is probably the daughter of a wicked witch. I hope she sticks around.”
f___ |
f___ says, “So far the amazingly hot goth girl has been referred to by snotty classmates as 'West', so, you know, I'm pretty sold on my theory. They are not being subtle.”
f___ says, “...they are sharing a fruit that makes you smile. With rainbow-colored teeth. I WILL MAINTAIN ALL MY HEAD CANONS.”
f___ says, “West is /great/, I want to very respectfully hug her and support her possibly evil plans.”
I•• says, “Same, and I haven't even seen her.”
f___ says, “I linked a photo with West!”
I•• says, “...oh! So you did!”
I•• says, “Oh. Oh /wow./”
I•• says, “Welp, I'm really gay right now.”
f___ says, “
f___ says, “An image of more of her! Among other things.”
f___ says, “And yeah, feeling kinda gay right now myself.”
I•• hi5s.
I•• ooo.
I•• says, “I just want to be swept off my feet by a tiny semi-wicked witch, IS THAT SO WRONG”
arcangel [to I••]:
I•• [to arcangel]: Good! I assume I have your blessing for dating semi-wicked witches, then.
[[They do.]]

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Bloody hells, the doorbell at 12:39??

Sep. 12th, 2017 12:38 am
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And if anyone actually rang it, they'd have had to've crept around back of the house (possible), gotten through the bushes, and reached up to get the doorbell while smothered in bushes and vines, 'cause there was NOTHING on the camera. And no car, I suspect, because to've gotten away, they would've had to get back through the bushes, go 'round back of the house again, jump in the car, and zoom away before I got to the upstairs window that overlooks the driveway.

Plus no one came back to honk, so probably no car.

Maybe a short in the doorbell? It went bing-bong-bing-bong-urrrrrr----~~~~~~~~~~~~~fzt as I was coming 'round the corner to the hall, trying to figure out what the heck that noise was.

Maybe the raccoons are angry? But I woulda thought they'd've tripped the camera.

Beginning to think about deer-cams. ...maybe the flying squirrels in the walls bit the doorbell wiring?

Got to bed at 5am again. Nothing of note done.

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S_____ . o O ( "The Lunars are engaged in gorilla warfare against the Realm." "You mean guerilla." "No, I don't. Not 'little wars'. Big apes." )

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We'll see if that happens. -_-

I hope everyone I know in Florida is safe.

Remember that while tossing sacred kings into volcanos is an excellent theory, only do so in law-abiding manners. If it is not legal in your jurisdiction, you may use legal methods to lobby local law-makers to change the law. Do not pollute volcanos with sacred king poppets without permission; it's rude and may mess with any science being done there. Don't litter.

...I am minded of my Stormsverse stuff. Hm. Did I tag that...
I did! Start at the bottom:

...I should just go AO3 that, shouldn't I...

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----------------------Quoted by E••••-----------------------
"ꙮbject-ꙮriented prꙮgramming."
"Holy holy<Holy>() {}"

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Food. It's what's for dinner.

Sep. 9th, 2017 11:18 pm
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Since for reasons I didn't have much lunch. (2 apples and a packet of almond-butter with honey is a perfectly good breakfast, right??? Oh, and a glass of ice tea.) They insisted on dragging me out for food. Which was at the Chinese buffet. I hope the kid is doing better for having some food. They were kind of shattered off and on at the restaurant.

I ate too much. Burp.

Then I came home and filled my watch's exercise ring. My feet are slowly cooling down.

(Got to bed around 5am again. Slept till about 2.)

Whilst walking, I sampled an album that caused me to pause the sampling and sing first "Silver Dagger" and then my filksong of it. With werewolves. "Silver Dagger, Take 2." SUNG WHILST WALKING AT 2MPH ON A TREADMILL. With my fingers curled around the camera so there's no video, so you won't get seasick from treadmill-shakeycam. You're welcome.

Havva Quote
M•• vanishes!
I__ {to M••} eyes you suspiciously.

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(...a pompom-emoticon for anyone who gets that reference.)

Insomnia sucks. Kid sent me to bed around 5 in the morning. Siiiiigh.

Kid did not like the pumpkin pancakes. I did. I had them for dinner. I have a plot involving leftover strawberries from t'other day and a thing of yogurt, for later when I get starving.

I cannot figure out where Amazon put the list of "people reviewing you." I mean, I suppose that it's actually sensible to make authors not have to see reviews, as I tend to gingerly scroll down the page and look at the stars before deciding if I'll read it... (If it's low stars, I'll make someone else read it and tell me if there are any points made that are more useful to me than "Tastes Differ.") But then again, good reviews make me happy, so... *mutter*

If you have Kobo, apparently they're selling audiobooks now, too? But not ones from Audible? Hmph. Plz feel free to download my freebies from Kobo if you want to take their new app for a ride. O;> (Sweet Phantom, Leaping Lizards, and The Legend of the Morning Star (English version).)

Observe my breakfast.

Observe my walking treadmill desk hack.
Slight mods to the article. Still worth glancing at.

Havva Quote
-----------------------Quoted by N•••-----------------------
I'm picturing the wedding of Goliath and Elisa.

"And if--"
   "Hold that thought, Reverend. Security?"
"All clear, sir."
"The Cybots have reached optimum dispersion, Mr. Xanatos."
"Mystical defense reached peak potency four minutes ago."
   "Ladies and gentlemen, before we continue, if you'll check under your seats you'll find a variety of laser rifles, swords, arcane talismans, and apparently a boat oar? Please check page 15 of your program for the quadrants of the room your fireteam is responsible for."
"/What is the meaning of/--"
   "... and go ahead, Reverend."
"Ahem. If any object to this wedding, speak now or forever hold your peace."
"... alright, yeah, that did make sense."

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Google Translate Songs on youtube are awesome. Total Eclipse of the Heart makes just about the same amount of sense, if slightly less scansion.

Still grinding away at that Civil War romance, and when they are not mooning after each other, there are some nice bits, like one of the antagonists talking about "Southern hospitality" (she's flirting with the guy protagonist, who she believes is a Confederate solider of suitable standing) while their carriage is going past A: the jail that's been rigged up for Northern soldiers/captives, and B: the slave-auction stage.

So I shall keep at it, when I remember.

New shoes have arrived! They are like maybe a centimeter or half-centimeter narrower than my old ones, and I need to punch a hole in the buckle for adjusting the tightness of the strap across my toes, so it won't give me a blister. (Seriously, it's just this EENSY bit short.) The box -- SAS -- came with a receipt for returns, and a strip of tape that can be used to re-seal it. It's so nicely done! I almost feel bad that I don't think I need to return anything! But in the future, I should probably go with Wide rather than Medium.

The pair I intend to wear rarely -- anniversary special color: blue -- seems to be less tight across the toe. *rolls eyes*

And I should eat dinner now. Meh.

Havva Quote
I__ says, “Crossover is WINE. Bootcamp is Windows[;] it's just contained Windows.”
I__ says, “It's like a Windows zoo.”

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Need to write, but did not today

Sep. 6th, 2017 11:19 pm
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Did not do long drive day, either. Kid is kind of a wreck.

I am having the intestinal cramp part of the stomach bug, apparently, which is like wearing a too-tight corset except without the corset or the support. Or something. *makes bloogle noises*

Also being terribly hungry, as I devoured, for dinner, the kid's salad from last night, and a glass of milk. And then the last nectarine because it was beginning to get mold.

Tonight was also trash night, because Labor Day shifted it a day. the Sunday-pickup sections just skip a week of pickup, I wonder?

Ummm........ Oh, right, the horse-jumping! The Applebee's had the sports channel on, but it was showing a horse-jumping competition! Let's see if I can find it on Twitter...

Here we go:

1: Applebee's sports channel has HORSES! Jumping ones! So nifty! Horses are really partners on this. One was head-shaking, refused last jump.
2: Close-up of rider's face after, & expression is all "Oh, horse *sigh*"
3: Another one was making landings hard on the rider, like, "Jumping's grand but you better hang on, biped."
4: Another was all "I WANNA GO FASTER!" And human goes nooooooo.
5: Then there was the one going just a touch faster than rider liked, but I think they did well, so the horse was right.
-- thread starts at

But anyway, yeah. The first one -- which I didn't tweet about -- seemed to really be enjoying itself, but did knock a couple of the jump-poles down. Then the other one just kept shaking its head and being persnickity at the rider, and knocked a few poles, and finally just went, "Nope. Ain't gonna." (And the rider's face was so, "Oh, horse. *sigh*") And then the one who wasn't quiiiiite bucking, but boy, did that rump do some "I might be bucking if I wanted to" things on the landings.

The one who wanted to go faster, but who was being held back, knocked into a pole or two. The one who was going faster than the rider seemed quite comfortable with... seemed to do quite well!

Still have not gotten that email from the gal who called t'other day, darnit.

Tried reading more of the civil war romance, and got a few pages, and then exclaimed, "Stop flirting and do your jobs, y'all!" I mean, c'mon, you are there to pass on information from one to the other, to take back to the North. Flirt AFTER you have done your spy jobs! I am all for the "well, so what brings you to spy on the Confederates" conversation after the information is passed! Grrrrrrr. I really want to like this book but PRIORITIES. Job first, flirt second.

Havva Quote
I can probably remember more about my stories than about my life, which among other things lacks an editing pass. Alas.

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Sep. 6th, 2017 12:05 am
archangelbeth: Bleary-eyed young woman peers up, pillow obscuring the lower half of her face. Text reads: SO not a morning person. (So Not A Morning Person)
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...wish that the gal who called this morning would drop me the email. -_-

...percy, how am i y,afg ...

Percy, it is hard to type when you want me to pet you.

Got a bit over 500 words done on the Dragonsmut (still no smut) story, whilst on the treadmill. I needed to plug my laptop in, so I boosted it up high enough on my makeshift walking-desk with an Eddings tetrology.

I still need to finish the CLB scene. And honestly, the words on the Dragonthing are trying to lead into something that might get a little theoretically smutty, maybe, but I haven't gotten there yet.

It does not help when hormones and/or brain give me a wanna-be-crying jag after I finish writing. Ugh. I know I'm an introvert, but I'm supposed to be okay with the PEOPLE IN MY OWN HEAD!

Still trying to grind through on this Civil War romance so I can sample some Max Gladstone stuff. I want to care about these people! But I feel like the author really needed to cut their teeth on SFF fiction first, to learn how to not infodump quite so... Hm. As if sure that no one has read enough of the Real History to pick up what's going on without a digression which the author is trying to make interesting and tied to the character, but is mostly succeeding -- for me, anyway -- in making an infodump. I suppose I am spoiled by how Hambly, in A Free Man of Color and sequels, makes the past seem a different world.

Or maybe I know a little too much about the setting and thus the infodumps are infodumpy and not just-in-time information. Or they're not quiiiite in the character's voice enough to sound like the character is making asides to help the reader keep up. Or something. Ugh. Stop being tedious, book! I want to like you!

Well, at least I got some of my own writing done.

Havva Quote
M__ [to I__]: Next time i'm on I'll try to work in something about licking lightsabers.
arcangel snrk
M__ hehehe
I__ says, “NO.”
I__ says, “Don't lick Thor's hammer, either.”
M__ says, “No way. Nazis touched it.”
M__ ews.
w======= says, “Mjolnir is one of those weapons which I could envision parrying a lightsaber blade and _breaking_ it.”
w======= says, “Which would take some doing, considering they're essentially projected on-the-spot in the first place.”
I__ [to w=======]: ...honestly, yeah.
C~~~~~~~ envisions some baffled Sith staring at the hilt, and gawping out, ".......h-... /How?/"
w======= [to C~~~~~~~]: I imagine much research would ensue. If they could get their hands on the hilt of the broken saber to experiment with, anyway.
arcangel [to C~~~~~~~]: hahahahahahahah
--We went riffing off after my rant about Captain Hydra lifting Thor's Hammer because he felt no doubt in his heart.

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